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body dysmorphic disorder

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

The Secrets Of Body Dysmorphic Disorder Revealed...


Body Dysmorphic Disorder 2 - How The BDD Cycle Self Perpetuates, can be found on our BDD Page

Body Dysmorphic Disorder can be successfully treated! Here on you'll find information on how BDD works and maintains itself, you'll learn where your obsessive BDD thoughts come from, you'll learn why you get bombarded with unsolicited BDD thoughts, you'll find a body dysmorphic disorder test, a list of body dysmorphic symptoms and most importantly of all - information on how to successfully recover from body dysmorphic disorder and get your life back. - Who Are We?

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We are a group of highly specialised niche Consultants working from our Anxiety Clinic in Stoke on Trent, North Staffordshire. If you're not from Staffordshire, there's no need to worry - we work throughout the UK and thus will still be able to help you should you choose to work with us.

We specialise only in anxiety disorders and related obsessive compulsive disorders - we don't do anything else. That's why nobody else comes close to our expertise within this field. Body dysmorphic disorder is essentially an anxiety driven disorder which creates obsessive thought processes and compulsive behaviour patterns. We have helped many people successfully overcome BDD in our fifteen years within the field.


Why Set Up A Website Specifically For Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

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The simple answer is because there is a severe lack of high quality BDD information out there. GP's may recognise and diagnose body dysmorphic disorder, but they tend not to understand specifically how it works and hence don't understand how to treat it. There are also websites full of 'well meaning advice', outdated text book information, theoretical psychology and rehashed versions of patchy information they've found on the web.

If you're looking for high quality information on body dysmorphic disorder you'll find it here. We do our own research and development so you can be assured what you read on our website is written by people that 'walk the walk'. Nothing here comes from old text books, theoretical psychology or is a rehash of what you may have read elsewhere.

We give the information away free of charge to help sufferers understand what it is they are dealing with. If they decide to recover and want to work with us - then that's great. However, we simply don't do sales pitches - we have no need. It is entirely up to you what you decide to do. We can only make the offer of providing you with the facts about body dysmorphic disorder - whether you decide to choose us to help with your recovery... well that's up to you.


What To Do About Your Body Dysmorphic Disorder...

The first thing we'd suggest you do is make yourself a hot drink and put aside twenty minutes of your life as an investment in your future. If you suffer with body dysmorphic disorder, what you will learn from these pages could potentially change your life. You'll certainly learn how BDD works, how it cycles and self-perpetuates, where your obsessive thoughts come from, how your anxiety and other emotional states are created and if you're ready - how to recover.

We suggest you start with our (very comprehensive) BDD Page

If you don't consider your future to be worth twenty minutes of your time, then there's not much more we can help you with.

We are very transparent with the way we work, so if you're interested in just how reasonable our fees are and would like to find out more about our Zero Risk Guarantee, you'll find the links below:

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